The Hospital and Clinic Improvement Handbook


This book provides guidance on improving quality when resources are limited. The healthcare sector globally is facing growing challenges, with an aging population and a plethora of new drugs and medical technologies to evaluate. While spending has increased on health, this is not matched by the increase in cost for providing healthcare, leaving decision makers with an imperative for cost-effectiveness. 

This book provides practical tools and techniques to improve throughput, response-time and other measures of quality for health services. It focuses on reducing waste and avoiding nonvalue-adding activities, core components of the "Lean" philosophy used in the book's title. The techniques highlighted in this book have been demonstrated to increase throughput in the Operating Room by 10-20%, and to reduce response time in Emergency Departments and clinics by 20-40%, all using existing resources. The authors describe how and when to implement such improvements, and give more broad insights into operations management for healthcare, public health and related fields. 



Ronen B, Pliskin JS, Pass S. The Hospital and Clinic Improvement Handbook: Using Lean and the Theory of Constraints for Better Healthcare Delivery. Oxford University Press 2018.