Cervical Cancer Screening in Nicaragua


A Monte Carlo simulation model of the natural history of HPV infection and cervical cancer was empirically calibrated to epidemiological data in Nicaragua. After integrating country-specific data on screening costs and test performance, the cost-effectiveness of alternative cervical cancer screening strategies was evaluated. The authors found that with an Incremental Cost-effectiveness Ratio of US$320/YLS, HPV-Cryo every 5 years would be very cost-effective using a threshold based on Nicaragua’s per capita gross domestic product of US$2090. The findings were robust across sensitivity analyses on test performance, coverage, compliance and cost parameters.



Campos NG, Mvundura M, Jeronimo J et al. Cost-Effectiveness of HPV-Based Cervical Cancer Screening in the Public Health System in Nicaragua. BMJ Open 2017; 7https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2016-015048