Methods for Health Economic Evaluation of Vaccines


This article describes the development of a consensus for health economic evaluations of vaccines to support the development of national guidelines in Europe. While guidelines advocating more standardization of health economic evaluations exist, this article aims to address several immunization-specific aspects (e.g. indirect effects or discounting approach) which are still a subject of debate. The systematic literature review search was informed by expert opinion. 2,838 articles were returned from the search and 26 were finally included. Topics were then deliberated in workshops with experts in modelling methods, health economics and immunization decision making. The process identified more than a dozen aspects of modeling relevant to health economic evaluations (e.g.,  model selection, time horizon, natural disease history, measures of vaccine-induced protection, duration of vaccine-induced protection, indirect effects apart from herd protection, etc.) and four aspects on the purpose and integration of health economic evaluations of vaccines in decision making.



Ultsch B, Ultsch B, Damm O, Beutels P, Bilchke J, Bruggenjurgen B, Gerber-Grote A, Greiner W, Hanquet G, Hutubessy R, Jit M, Knol M, von Kries R, Kuhlmann A, Levy-Bruhl D, Perleth M, Postma M, Salo H, Siebert U et al. Methods for Health Economic Evaluation of Vaccines and Immunization Decision Frameworks: A Consensus Framework from a European Vaccine Economics Community. PharmacoEconomics 2016; 34 (3): 227-244.