Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis


The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis (SBCA), founded in 2007, works to improve the theory and practice of benefit-cost analysis and support evidence-based policy decisions. It addresses policy areas including public health, transportation, criminal justice, education, energy, environmental quality, homeland security, and poverty. Members include scholars and practitioners from around the world, who work in government, academia, nonprofits and private industry. Its members represent numerous disciplines such as economics, law, engineering, public policy, decision science, and natural science.

The SBCA website provides access to BCA news and events, including the annual SBCA conference, as well as career listings and links to BCA databases. Pre-conference professional development workshops are offered each year, covering a range of topics such retrospective benefit-cost analysis, valuing health and longevity, and communicating the results. The Society also publishes the “On Balance” blog, which features short articles on wide-ranging topics, It supports the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, published by Cambridge University Press, which includes substantial open-access content. Members have free access to the Journal as well as to other resources.



Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis.